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On this page, I've gathered a handful of some of the thousands of success stories from people just like you all over the world that are successfully using the Truth about Six Pack Abs program to get rid of their stubborn belly fat for good and live healthier and happier. We've had success stories from people that have just needed to lose a little bit of stomach fat or love handles , some people that have reduced their body fat so much that they now have ripped six pack abs , and other people that have lost 80-100 lbs of body fat or more and gained lean sexy muscle

I graciously thank everyone who has contributed their motivational stories of how they've changed their lives and their bodies.

Success Stories from TruthAboutAbs readers :  

John before using Truth About Abs         John in recent pic (great job John!)

Hello Mike,
Thanks for your ebook Truth About Abs. I used it in the first 5 months or so this year and had great results! I attached pictures for you to see the progress I've made so far.

Anyway, I am down now to between 7-8% body fat (according to my Tanita scale), have lost a total of 3-4 inches in the waist, lost a total of about 24 lbs, and got my 6 pack abs! I do have a lot of people ask me about weight loss supplements, but I have started telling people to forget it and get your book instead. Thanks,

John Howlett
President, Healthy-Sunshine, Inc.


Stephanie before using Truth About Abs             Stephanie after getting great results


I attached a couple photos to show you how far I've come since starting your was quite shocking to see what I looked like just last year!! I had forgotten how overweight I was, and looking at these before and after pics again almost made me cry...but tears of joy this time, as I'm so thankful for how much progress I've made.

Not only do I feel so healthy and vibrant, but I feel that I look younger now too! Its wonderful! I went from a size 14 to a 5. Weight wise I was around 190 lbs when I started and now I am 120 lbs. I ’m so passionate about your book and style of's absolutely amazing...I don ’t crave unhealthy stuff anymore...I have eliminated an insane sweet tooth.

I happened upon your book about 9 months ago. Once I downloaded and printed your ebook, I read it once, and then again. There is so much information in there that expands beyond just working out and abs. The nutritional information was fascinating, and I believe that was what helped me get to where I am today. The workouts are also so challenging, and talk about breaking a sweat! I love it.

I have SO MANY people ask me what diet I was doing to lose all that weight. They just don't understand that I'm not on a diet... It ’s been a total lifestyle change. I would recommend your book to anyone! I feel exceptional, and I am in the best shape of my life!

I hope that my testimonial will help you out, as well as other people that have struggled to get in shape. Thank you so much!!

Stephanie Hurst
Tulia, Texas

 Dear Mike, 
I thoroughly read your e-book a few weeks ago but have been too busy lately to get myself to the gym. However, I did start applying your diet and food recommendations, and even with just that, I've already lost 6 lbs (10 lbs to go). I finally got to the gym this morning and printed out your e-book to bring with me.

I did some of the workout examples you specified like the one arm snatches, dumbbell swings, staggered lunges and all the ab exercises (from level 3). 
Man, that was one of the best and most intense workouts I have had in ages! I did not waste hours jogging or doing all that other stuff I used to do (which by the way never got me anywhere). I am so excited to go back to the gym and have your book with me as a personal trainer's guide.
Thank you so much!
Laura Kawasmi, Brownsville, TX


I have been following your workout plans from your book for past couple months. I wanted you to know that I have seen great results. When I started I was 190 lbs, waist 35 inches, bench was 165lbs. 

I'm now 175 lbs, with a waist of 33 inches, and benching 225lbs. Your full body workouts are some of the best I've ever used. I'm also making much better food choices now based on your advice and staying away from the junk I used to have trouble with. Thanks for everything.

John P. Hembree, Sergeant, US Military  



Greg's results from last year to this year

Mike, I don't know if you actually monitor this email address, so if an assistant does, please forward this to Mike.

I owe you a lot of thanks Mike. Your program grabbed my attention last year when I was at an all-time (lifetime even) self esteem and physique low.

I've been on your program for almost exactly one year now and as you can see from my pics, I've completely changed my life. I didn't do any of those typical holding the newspaper pics, but I did luckily save a couple pics for you.

These pics are from last year to this year. I just want you to know and see what  you've done for me. Anyway, I looked like "barrel boy "with no definition and a bonafide gut last year.

I'm down from 24% bodyfat to 7.4% bodyfat currently!

I'm so glad I found your program. I'm extremely proud of myself and extremely grateful to you. This is going to sound cliche, but I've become the go-to guy around the office for fitness questions and I've inspired (not by talk but by action and lifestyle) people around me to quit being so damned disrespectful to their bodies.

This has been a total body (and mindset) transformation -- and I haven't even set foot in a gym. All done at home, with just some of the simple basics you recommended and my own motivation, intensity and dedication -- and with NO slow cardio at all. 

Lazy no more, and now lean for life,

-Greg S.



"When I met Mike 2 years ago, I was at a training conference and doing some networking with other trainers. Mike and I started talking and eventually his book was mentioned "The Truth about Six Pack Abs ". I really had to bite my tongue. I immediately started thinking to myself what a bunch of crap it must be. I am usually not a negative person, but in this instance I was extremely.

Man, was I ever wrong! Within five minutes of talking with Mike, I realized how bright he was and that he was truly an authority on getting a six pack. If you are looking to get rid of some excess bodyfat and get in the best shape of your life, Mike's book is a must read. I sincerely mean that.

He covers everything and then some. Mike is absolutely cutting edge in the health and fitness industry. If you want to learn exactly how to eat and train to get the results you are looking for, his book is what you need. He is so confident in that fact, he guarantees it...If you hate the book (which you won't), he will give you a refund."

-Gary Rock, Fitness Professional, owner -
Valley Stream, NY




Leith's changes from using Truth About Abs for 6 months


I had been talking about this program for MONTHS, saying "I'll get it next pay..." Finally a friend of mine got sick of my procrastination and just bought it for me as a gift.

I began the program on the 5th of February (about a month after my Dec 25th pic).  Its now 18th July and Im still going strong. So I thought I would send in my results so far.


Before I started your program, I was running regularly and working out sometimes, but I was still getting fatter.... and fatter. I didn't really notice it until my friend took a photo of me at the beach. I was horrified!!!! I knew I had to do something about it, but I couldn't move the fat.

Everything changed when I started your truth about abs program. In the 6 months I've been on the program, I've lost 25.4 kg and gone from 30% body fat down to 11% body fat.

I have been sending friends photos of my progress and then the link to your site.

Leith Carnie, Australia




I have been on your program for the last three or four weeks. All I can say is WOW! I have been body building for well over 20 years and I can honestly say that you have allowed me to break out of what I call the classical mess of weight lifting.

I have made some great gains and I am well on my way to being in the best shape of my life at 39 years of age. I get a kick out of the Guys at the gym when they see me perform some of your exercises. They often come up and ask what I am doing.

I just tell them, as I struggle to regain my breath, "I'm just mixing it up a bit "and then watch them as they go back and waste their time with bicep curls for the next half hour.

Now I'm trying to get my wife onboard using your program as well. Thank you so much for doing what you do and keep the emails coming. This is the best $39 I have ever spent. Thanks,

Luis Acevedo, Dallas, Texas

  I wanted to thank you for all the advice and motivation you have shared with me in your book &newsletter. I feel great! The other day at a family gathering, my family and friends gave me so many compliments. They told me I looked good and asked me what in the world I was doing to be in such great shape. 

I have been working out for about two and a half years but I just couldn't lose the last 10 pounds of body fat I wanted to lose. I started taking your advice recently and eventually lost those extra 10 pounds of fat I wanted to lose! I did it your way which to me is the smart way. 

I am 38 years old and now have a 32 inch waist. It took a lot of discipline but you helped me reach my goal! One of my cousins just looked at me and kept saying WOW! WOW! WOW!

Thanks so much!

Mike Castaneda

"Dear Mike,

I just read your Truth About 6-Pack Abs and I think it has some great stuff in it that I never realized before. I really couldn't put the book down. I enjoy the fact that you are not just telling readers what to do with a promise that results will be achieved, but explaining the reasons behind your strategy supported by research.

I have been exercising on my own my entire life, but I really hit a plateau during the last few years, and this program has given me new motivation and kickstarted my results. Thanks Mike!"

Pete Maguire, Brookline, Mas.

Hi Mike

I was searching for a program to genuinely help me lose body fat and get a six pack. I came across your website and the money back guarantee you offered suggested to me that you believed in what you were offering &not just interested in selling your e-book. Anyway, I made the purchase on the basis that I'd give it a try and if it wasn't any good I'd ask for my money back.

Before I started with the program I weighed 80kg and my waist size was 42 inches. After  11 weeks I still weigh about 80kg but my waist size is now 35 inches. A loss of  7 inches in  11 weeks! Since my weight stayed about the same, that means I gained muscle while losing  7 inches of fat from my waist!

My strength and energy are also improving each week and I'm lifting heavier weights as I progress. Family and friends  that haven't seen me in weeks can't believe  how much  leaner and slimmer I look now.

I'm really glad that I bought your e-book and stuck to the programs. I still have a little more body fat to lose, but I can already tell that a visible six pack is just a few more weeks away!

Thank you for all the advice and words of motivation. This entire experience is far more than what I was expecting for my money!


Imtiaz Girach, UK


Thank you for changing the way I workout. After years of fooling myself into thinking I was getting a good workout, your book, The Truth About Abs, has revitalized not only my workouts, but also my life. Working out regularly for over 10 years, I became increasingly frustrated at my lack of progress.

Despite doing over an hour of cardio at least three times a week and lifting three times a week as well, I wasn't in good shape. Also, despite my workout attempts, I was also getting what you have termed as the "skinny fat "appearance.

Seeing no outward or inward results, I sunk into such a rut I was ready to quit exercising. That was when a friend recommended your ebook.  After only a month-and-a-half of doing the routines diagrammed in your book, my physical appearance has improved dramatically. Not only that, but my endurance has increased to the point that I can handle a full hockey game and not get gassed. In fact, I get stronger as the game goes on. Just that alone was well worth the $40 I spent. 

Following your diet tips has also given me more energy throughout the day. I no longer "crash "halfway through my work day and no longer crave the sugary foods I used to. The belly I have been trying to battle is shrinking by the day. After years of working out, I am only now finally getting compliments for how "toned and ripped "I appear.  

Once again, thanks for giving me that boost I so needed in my workouts and for improving my quality of life. 

-John Crawford, Collingswood, NJ

"Mike, I'm truly excited after starting your program. After reading through all of your info, I can't believe how many things I was wasting my time with or even just doing plain WRONG! I've definitely been doing all of the wrong types of cardio and the wrong types of strength exercises as well.

Thanks again for giving me this much-needed education into a very important topic... my health &well being (not to mention looking great also!)"

-Sandra Torrez, San Antonio, Texas

Hi Mike. Just wanted to let you know, your interval and weight training methods in your e-book are working perfect! Before i got your e-book, i could see my six pack abs a little bit. After a few weeks on your workouts, i can now see lines on the side of my stomach and my abs appearing even more visibly. I still have a little fat, but not much at all. Thanks!

Andreas Beirholm, Denmark

Hey Mike

I just purchased your ebook about 2 weeks ago and I love it! The workouts are great - better than any workout I've done before. I've been that person who has tried all the fad diets, diet pills, and bought my fair share of infomercial ab machines! At least I finally found something now that works to lose fat and flatten my stomach!
Thanks for your help,
Amy Brunetti, Chicopee, MA  

Hey Mike,

Just wanted to say thanks for making such a good book. Ive only been using it for about 2 weeks and I can already feel my pants starting to loosen and I have the confidence to go outside without feeling like I have to wear a sweatshirt to hide my gut. Thanks again for your work,

Jason K. C., North Dakota

Hi Mike. I have just recently started your program and i LOVE it so much. I just wanted to tell you how fantastic I think your approach and lay out to losing stomach fat is. I'm already feeling the effects of your workouts. My body feels firmer and fitter and I look forward to the sweat.

Truth be told I was BORED TO TEARS with our usual routine at the gym. Not to mention it wasn't really getting my stomach flat!! I love your approach cause it explains everything, and I am a person that needs to know the reasons for why I am doing what I am doing! I like the variety and the shorter workouts, as apposed to the long boring workouts and repetitive isolating exercises I used to do.

Following your program I am certainly getting the heart pumping and the sweat is flowing like I've never felt before. It feels great. Thanks, and I will keep you posted!

Michelle Smith, Ontario, Canada

Mike, you can use this for your testimonials if you want...

I have to say...You are a genious. Gave 1 of your workouts a go on friday and i have to say i've never had such a good workout. I've been going to the gym for years now and have been doing 40 solid minutes of quite high level cardio but using just 10 minutes of your style of inverval training felt like it worked me so much better.

I also used to spend an hour on my abs when i worked out and never really felt it. After doing this workout on friday i really felt like i'd earned my protein shake! Plus I got my workout done much quicker than my old workouts...It's quite incredible!

Dave Haddow, UK

Hey Mike,
I ordered your 'Truth About Six Pack Abs' online a couple weeks ago. I have been doing some of the beginner and intermediate level workout routines. HOLY CRAP, those workouts get me sweating like nothing else. I especially love/hate the squat presses and renegade rows.

I'm also starting to get the hang of your diet methods, which are actually more enjoyable than the way I used to eat. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the useful info and your obvious care for healthy lifestyles of your readers. Thanks again,

Kyle LeDoux, Santa Clarita, CA  

"Hi Mike,

I've been doing sit-ups for years and have a vague 6 pack outline but can't get rid of that fatty bit at the bottom of my stomach to reveal  the abs  better. I've recently bought your ab book and read it front to back. Can I just say that everything you talk about, I've never had explained to me before and to be honest, I'm blown away!

Everything makes so much more sense now. I'm now really pumped up to change my workouts from 2 hours a day and lots of cardio to your quicker and more effective methods. Many thanks for helping me straighten out my flawed workout habits and fitness!"

Best regards,

Patrick Mulcrone, Middlesex, UK

"Hi Mike


I started your  workouts last week, and surprisingly, I can already see some positive changes to my body! I  definitely feel these working me better than anything else I've tried. I really like the interesting way that you turn a weights workout into a cardio workout as well. I can see already that if I keep on doing this progressively, I'll surely have my old body shape back in no time :)

Ok catch you soon. Thanks again Mike, you're superb!"

-Ellin Hazrin, Kingsford, Australia

"Hey Mike, I have been on your program for about  4 solid weeks. In that time I have dropped 15 pounds of fat already! I cannot believe the results and it doesn't take up too much of my time. I used to workout 5 days minimum for over an hour each time and I felt rundown and I wasn't seeing the results I wanted.

Now with your workout program and advice on nutrition I feel energized and happier than ever. What's great about your workouts is you never get bored. You can mix things up and most importantly, NO MORE boring treadmill cardio sessions! I workout 3 times a week now and for about 45 minutes each time. Mike, you are a life saver and I would recommend your book to anyone!"

Larry Salvatoriello - Brick, New Jersey  

Hi Mike - Great book! I am following your workout plans detailed in the book and the diet  tips and seeing great results. I am only training every other day, and keeping the intensity pretty high. So far so good. Thanks!

Sky Gornik, San Diego, CA

Dear Mike,
I'm so excited about your abs ebook, it's been working GREAT for me! I've been using your methods for about 2 months now and I've finally started to see my abs (FINALLY) coming out. This after spending tons of money on all kinds of garbage that didn't work over the years. Thank you,

Junio Fermin, Monroe Twp, NJ

"Hey Mike,

I have been on your Truth about Six Pack Abs program for 7 weeks now and i've successfully dropped 20 pounds of body fat so far! My workout and eating habits have improved greatly based on your advice in the book and email newsletters. I feel like a new man! Thank you for everything."
Matt Rosenow, Buffalo, NY

Mike, you are the man. I have got to give it up to you because I'm finally getting results like I've never seen before. I have learned so much and actually look forward to going to the gym and working out now. I was the skinny-fat dude that never really lifted and hit the tread mill a couple times a week. After starting your workouts, I'm already a few inches down on my waist, but have also gotten stronger at the same time, and added some muscle to my arms and chest.

Before starting your program, I used to hit the gym almost every day with no results, it was so discouraging. Now I only hit the gym three times a week and I feel in great shape. I also love the free time that I'm getting. I'm probably at the gym only 30 to 40 mins tops and then I have the rest of the day to get stuff done, it's great! I just wanted to say thank you and I will keep you posted with my results.

Demetrio Diaz, San Jose, CA

Mike, the main thing I like about your program (apart from great results!) is the satisfaction I get from the workouts. After just a few sets of your unique exercises in the Truth About Abs (Renegade rows and One arm snatches being my favourites :)) I can feel that my body has been worked thoroughly and after a full session, I simply feel great...and exhausted!! And the results are coming quickly too! (without any special expensive or dangerous pills)
Thank you very much,
Timur Kary-Niyazov, Rugby School, UK.

Hey Mike,

I just keep reading and re-reading your powerful and insightful messages in your book and bonus materials regarding what it takes to achieve a lifetime of health and fitness and I marvel at how incredibly simple you make it all seem. Your advice is dead-on and yet adopting the necessary mind set and discipline continues to allude most of us who want so much to attain the fittest bodies possible, yet we continue to struggle with falling for fads and supplements. I can FINALLY say that I am so done with that CRAP!

Your positive comments and words of encouragement (not to mention your sound fitness advice in your book) are  exactly what I needed to keep focused and my "eye on the prize ". For the first time in my life, I feel like I can see exactly what I need to do to reach my goal of a body that is fit, lean, and showing a six-pack! Keep the information flowing... you're awesome dude and I am so glad I came across you and purchased your Truth about Abs book. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about achieving their ultimate health and fitness goals! Thanks again for your support and your prompt reply to my e-mail. Now I need to get back to reading your book. I can't get enough of it!

-Todd Brennan
Fairfield, California

Hi Mike,

A few months ago I bought your Truth about abs book with my wedding in mind. Anyway, I was procrastinating getting started and kept putting it off. Then, a few weeks ago I finally got started on your program. I had previously been going to the gym doing the boring machines and the tedious running etc etc.

After reading your book, one day, I picked up a pair of free weights, a medicine ball and got to work... I'm amazed, I'm more than amazed, I'm totally blown away!! I now refuse to work out on machines anymore; I do HIIT on the rowing machine instead of running (I HATE RUNNING).

I work out 4 times a week for 30-45 minutes and I have seen the biggest results EVER! I feel fantastic, I'm starting to lose this ugly big belly, I'm developing and defining my arms, shoulders and back and butt! And all of this, really after only a few weeks of your method of training. I haven't even worked through the whole book yet, or all the exercises yet and as I discover them I work them into my routine!

Thank you for a wonderful book and product.

People are still a bit skeptical when I tell them about the weight training and other workout methods you use, but I know I'll win them over when they see my results!

Regards from South Africa,


"Hey Mike! I've been using your training programs for several weeks now, and  wanted to let you know that I was floored the other day when I stepped on the scales. I have never been able to get down to 135 lbs. I had bought a couple pairs of jeans a while back and thought that every time I wore them they felt looser on me. I figured it was all in my head though. Well, I hadn't weighed myself in several weeks and wanted to make sure I was still on the right track. I stepped on, and about fainted!

I was down to 133 lbs! I have NEVER been below 137 pounds in YEARS! Then I thought I'd go ahead and measure my waist &belly. I have almost lost 3/4 "around both! I was elated to say the least! I just wish I would have ran into your program about 8 years ago, after giving birth to my daughter. These past 8 years would have been so much less stressful on myself!

So, anyway, just wanted to thank you again for all your helpful tips and great workouts! By the way, I tried the clean &presses for the first time yesterday. They were tough, but I'll work at it. I get a lot more out of these workouts knowing for sure that they are working! THANKS A BUNCH!"

-Tonya B., Carthage, Illinois

"Hey Mike,

I just wanted to let you know I am enjoying great success with your abs fat loss program. I have always been in decent shape and maintained a good physique, but with the help of your program over the last couple months, I have taken my fitness to new levels.

By intergrating your program into my routines and using your diet tips, I have practically achieved my dream physique and I am spending less time than ever in the gym. It is truly amazing...who would have thought? Thanks again for everything."

George M., Ashland, VA

"Hey Mike,
I would like to let you know that since I read your Truth about Abs book, my training methods and lifestyle have changed dramaticaly and I am FINALLY getting results I should have gotten years ago! It is refreshing to find someone who is actually trying to sell the truth and not  scam us on some crappy contraption or supplement. Thank you very much for all the great info in your book and newsletters!"

-Peter Morrisey, Munster, Ireland

"Thanks Mike for an excellent book! Most of the information you gave is actually new to me despite other books I've read. I've been working out quite a bit lately, but I realized from your book that I was not working out very effectively, and was wasting a lot of my time with poor exercises.

I was also just reading over the nutrition section of  your book and I'm very impressed with the detail given, particularly since diet has been a confusing topic for me. You really made it all seem a lot more simple, and I learned a lot. Thanks for a great resource!"

-Jared Mohamed, New York, NY

With all of the useless ab information being promoted today I figured this was just one of a long line of books, or gadgets, that prove to be long on promises, but short on delivery. But the word "Truth "in the title of the book piqued my curiosity, so I decided to buy the book, and after reading it I was impressed with the amount of practical information on conditioning and ab development.

If you are looking for a no nonsense approach to developing a lean ripped body then you really need to look no further. Mike's strategy of employing full body training techniques comprised of multi-joint exercises delivers a highly effective fat burning program.

-Karl A. Charlson
Grosse Ile, MI


"I stumbled upon Mike's website while searching for a solution to the 'post-baby belly'. He seemed to be talking a lot of sense but I still wanted to be sure this book would be right for me before purchasing. So I emailed Mike my questions. He answered right away and was friendly, knowledgeable, positive, encouraging, and trustworthy.

So I purchased the book, read it, and have now begun to implement the advice. In only two weeks I can already see results. Although I'm already fairly lean, I've struggled for six years to get rid of the last bit of stomach fat caused by pregnancy. But finally there's been a breakthrough. The area is noticeably firmer and I'm already feeling so much better about myself. I can see that if a person follows all of the advice in Mike's book, then they will achieve results. He knows what he's talking about and it is so refreshing to have someone pass on the knowledge that's actually going to work."

-Jacqui L., New Zealand

Hi Mike,

I have been adapting my lifestyle and workout routines based on your guidelines in your program, and am making some pretty good progress over the last few  weeks. I started off at 185 lbs and am currently 180 lbs while feeling stronger at the same time. I wear 33 "pants and have started seeing that my suits and jeans are fitting a little bit looser in the waist areas, so I'm excited that I'm finally making progress with the extra flab around my waist.

I have had a great time with the interesting multi joint exercises you recommend and I can really feel them throughout my whole body, as well as getting quite a cardio-pump from them. I never thought I could get that type of cardio-pump from "non-cardio "exercise. Thanks for all of your help!"

Kevin McGowen, Nassau, Bahamas


"When I first found Mike's website and read the description of his "Six Pack Abs "book, I figured the exercises would be far too vigorous for me since I'm severely overweight (more than 100 lbs overweight). So I emailed Mike to see if his program could help someone as heavily overweight as me. Not only did he get back to me quickly, but his response was so motivating and encouraging, I was literally blown away! I have never had someone speak to me the way Mike did with such genuine interest and belief that I CAN beat my obesity problem and live a long healthy life in a new slimmer body.

I'm still not able to do the advanced exercises in Mike's book (although I'll work up to them eventually), but he's taught me how to use the concepts from his book to modify the routines so they can work for me for fat loss. And boy do they ever work!

HERE ARE THE BIGGEST CHANGES I am feeling in my life, since being on the exercise and diet programs in Mike's book for nearly 1 &1/2 months now:

1) I've already lost about 25 lbs of fat and have actually gotten stronger in my whole body at the same time!
2) I am able to sleep much better at night, instead of waking up like I used to.
3) I wake up early in the morning and feel like I actually have energy to get through the day. And I feel full of energy all day long now!
4) I no longer have that sluggish, tired, dazed feeling anymore.
5) I am able to do more things than I never could before, and at a much greater ease than before!
6) I am beginning to feel better and more confident about myself and I am motivated to succeed!

Thank you so much Mike for your excellent book and more importantly your genuine interest in helping me succeed. You're the first person that's ever been able to motivate me to change my lifestyle for good. And now I'm absolutely hooked!

Your friend for life,

James Majors, Miami, Florida "

"Hi Mike,

I have just finished reading your book and I must say that it is remarkable! It  has truly taught me a lot. Also, thanks so much for  your response  to my questions. That to me shows  that you are actually in this to truly help people like me  succeed in the fat loss battle. I'm more confident than ever that I'm well on my way to reaching my goal of losing 40 lbs of body fat. Thank you,

Jini Keller, Blair, Nebraska

"Thanks Mike. I read your Truth about Six Pack Abs book last evening. Well done for an excellent product that explains things clearly and logically."

- Gary S., South Africa

"Dear Mike,

I bought your book a couple of months ago, "The Truth About Six Pack Abs "because you promised me that even if the exercises were too difficult for me, that the nutritional information alone would be worth the cost. After reading through everything I can honestly say that you kept your promise and then some. 

I have struggled with my weight and every fad-diet out there since I gave up smoking in 1983. Your book and your encouraging e-messages have changed my life. I could type for days about all that you have taught me in the last couple of months. So far, I have already lost 23 lbs of body fat and couldn't be more thrilled!

I am not sure why your wonderful, easy-to-understand book finally got through to me where other resources failed, but for some reason, it did! There is no way to describe how excited I am about my progress, emotionally and physically. So to you my (new) friend, I say, Thank you so much for helping me be stronger, leaner and healthier today than I was yesterday. I am expecting many more todays to come because of you. I owe you big-time!"

Many blessings and peace to you,

Margo Benson, Elk Grove, California.

"Hi Mike,

You are the best! I've learned so much important stuff from your emails and your book... it's amazing! I'm already eating better from what you've taught me and your crazy workouts are giving me much better results than I used to get. Thanks again,

Amber Smith, Vandalia, Ohio

I've seen many books, DVD's &website's claiming all sorts of miraculous things, but Mike seemed to really be telling it like it is, and that is what I like. I picked up a copy of his abs book and it has definitely stood apart from the rest in quality and enlightened me on things I had never thought of.

I am recovering from a shoulder operation, so I emailed Mike to see if he could help me. Not only did Mike respond to my questions almost immediately, he gave me further information which has benefited me greatly. 

I've been working with Mike's full body  workouts for a couple months now and the workouts are great and my body is really starting to look ripped. From stumbling across Mike's website, to buying his book, to becoming one of Mike's students, I couldn't recommend Mike or his products more highly.

Alan O. - Liverpool, England

"After attending the gym for over 6 years, it became apparent I needed to change my routine. Working on the same eliptical equipment and various machines for years caused me to plateau. I decided to give Mike Geary's core and strength training a try and truly had instant success! While applying the strength exercises with free weights and working on my core muscles, I noticed, in as little as 2 weeks, that my body  had changed for the better! 

My muscles were being sculpted and  I was getting my heart rate up faster than when I worked out on the cardio machines. I also strengthened areas of my neck and back that were weak from past sports injuries and can now lift weights and work on exercises without injury! I have experienced great results that have motivated my work outs and revived my routine! I also have more energy! Thanks to Mike's Truth About Abs  book and his training, my body, at 41, feels stronger than it ever has. I challenge anyone to read Mike's book and apply his methods of exercise. It will change your body and energy level too."

-Jennifer M., Mount Laurel, NJ

"Wow. After being only a few pages into Mike's Truth About Six Pack Abs book, I said to myself "this guy really knows what he's talking about."After reading the entire book I was blown away by the amount of quality information packed into the entire program.

Second to none was Mike's personal attention he gave to me when I had a couple questions. You can tell that he truly cares that you get the results you were looking for. You really do get HUNDREDS of dollars of information for a small price. An EXTREMLY good deal and excellent customer service! Thanks again Mike."

Nicholas Dukes, Niagara Falls, NY

"Hey Mike, you are awesome. My husband and I received your Abs book recently and we love it! We've also been finding your email newsletters to be full of so much useful information. We are so glad  we found your website. Keep all of the good info coming. It is really helping us to live healthier lifestyles and get better results. Thanks!

Harry and Vivian Creacy, San Antonio, Texas  

Hi Mike. I have just ordered and read your Truth about Six Pack Abs e-book and it is the best on abs and total body training I have read....."

-William H. (working in Iraq with law enforcement training)

Hi Mike, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your info. After I received your Six Pack Abs program and read through the whole thing a couple times, it really motivated me more than anything else I've come across. I haven't worked out in years, so I started at the beginner level. Even at that level, the workouts are really working me hard and I feel it throughout my whole body. I hope to work into the advanced routines soon.

I know it will take some discipline to get the fat loss results I want, but I have traded my cookies and cream ice cream for some of the healthier (yet still tasty) foods and snacks that you recommend. Thanks again for the motivation and a great book!

-Frank Crum, Akron, Ohio

"Mike, I really have enjoyed your informative book. I'm 56 years old and have lifted and worked out and tried different diets for the past 15 years or so with mixed results. I'm trying to maintain my muscle weight and lose the extra fat I have. I've been on your suggested lean muscle diet in your book for 3 weeks now and am starting to lose a decent amount of the fat around my waist, so your program seems to be working well. Thanks for offering this book. It has been a big help."

Danny Darnall, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

"Mike, I wanted to thank you for helping me to finally lose the weight that I've been trying to get rid of for years. By following your workout routines and healthy diet tips, I was able to lose 19 lbs in just 8 weeks...this after being stuck at the same weight for years! Now, I'm excited for swim-suit season for the first time in a long while!"

-Debbie R., Cherry Hill, NJ

Hello Mike,

I have just finished reading your ebook, and I have to say that it's GREAT! I have learned a lot. There are a lot of misconceptions that I had throughout the years; however, your thorough explanation has set me straight. By the way, I did the level 1 work out today, and I have to say, WOW! I can really feel my abs!

Helsa Wong, Canada

"Hi Mike,
Just wanted to thank you for so much good stuff that I am reaping from your Truth About Six Pack Abs book, and also your nice e-mail newsletters... I am happy to say that I have finally bumped up into a new level of motivation and I am very excited about it! The exercises really make my whole body work hard. I have never liked doing "cardio "workouts - BORING, so I'm happy that you're workouts aren't based on cardio...

Anyway, one of the reasons I have new motivation though is all your great information on diet and how important it is to stop feeding our bodies with all the processed junk...Stop worrying about carbs and fat, and start focusing on if it's "real "food or not.

Well, sorry to ramble so much but I did want to let you know how beneficial your info is and your general philosophy on food is RIGHT ON! Thanks again for the great book and your excellent newsletters too."

-Nancy Ryan, Bend, Oregon

truthaboutabs six pack programI appreciate all of you that wrote in to share these success stories about how you've not only changed your body, but also your life. Sometimes we need to be reminded that transforming your body is also about improving your internal health, your energy, your confidence, and so much more.

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