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3 New Ways To Ignite New Muscle Gains

Gain more muscleby Vince Del Monte -- Muscle Building Expert and Author:

Untapped Muscle Target 1 – High Intensity Lifting

The reason it works:  muscles “fail” and sometimes you go beyond failure with a training partner after your muscles have given up. Carrying a set to 100 percent of your momentary ability is the single most important factor for building muscle size and strength.

Working to this “point of failure,” when another rep is impossible despite the greatest effort, ensures that you pass the “break-over point,” a point in the set below which growth cannot be stimulated, and above which growth will be stimulated. Once you transcend this break-over point in the area of intensity, your results will increase geometrically. The more often you crash through this break-over point, the more rest you will need.

How to make it work: short, straightforward, gut busting and infrequent workouts – twice a week going down to once a week if necessary. Usually you break your body parts up into full body workouts or into a 2-day split and only one exercise is used per body part.

Methods you can experiment with: Anything you do to make the workout harder will be a step in the right direction. Raising the intensity factor in your workouts can be done in three ways:

1) By progressively increasing the amount of weight you use.

2) By progressively decreasing the amount of time it requires to perform a certain amount of workout (work density).

3) By carrying each set to a point of total failure.

Other details: can vary from 30-60 seconds or 1-2 minutes or 3-5 minutes. High intensity training is short-lived and can produce mind- boggling bursts of muscle for 4-weeks but needs to be cycled on and off into a yearly plan.

High intensity training is brutally hard, which is the reason it cannot be carried on for long periods of time. Until you either experience it yourself or watch someone else do it, you can’t possibly appreciate it.

Untapped Muscle Target 2– Escalating Build-Up Running

The reason it works: with each interval, the duration of the sprint and jog increases in length. This is my personal favorite fat-burning strategy, even more preferred over interval training which involves alternating high-intensity cardio with low-intensity cardio for set periods of time.

How to make it work: I like to do approximately 10-15 minutes of Escalating Build-Up Running at the end of each weight-training workout or before each weight-training workout or both if I need a more aggressive fat-burning strategy. I save my full-blown 45-60 minutes fat-loss cardio sessions for days I’m not doing any weight training.

Methods you can experiment with: Practice Escalating Build-Up Running either before or post weight-training or both. Here’s what I do: I begin running at 5.0 mph (at a 2.0 grade) and increase the speed 0.5 mph every 1-minute. At 10-minutes you’ll be over 75% of your max heart rate and running around 10.0 mph! This is VERY challenging and will take a few weeks or months to build up to if you’re cardio conditioning is poor. You can also increase the speed 1.0 mph every 2-3 minutes as a modified version of this workout.

Other details: This cardio protocol is advanced and challenging and will be a very stimulating warm-up and an excellent way to keep your metabolism revved, appetite soaring and body-fat levels minimal; which are all factors contributing to maximal muscle growth.

Untapped Muscle Target 3 – Body Part Specialization

The reason it works: especially for intermediate and advanced lifters, muscle growth happens in spurts. The longer you’ve trained, the harder it becomes to gain muscle under the same conditions you’re used to applying – body part specialization programs create an “emergency response” of your entire body's resources to promote recovery and growth when it’s under abnormal attack.

How to make it work: short, laser-targeted focus for 3-weeks, and no more, and only one body-part at a time. Choose your most underdeveloped body part and plan to prioritize it with more sets and reps and higher frequency.

Methods you can experiment with: Maintain your current training program but add in three separate “targeting sets” at the end or start of each workout. For example, if you’re doing three full body workouts each week and your target body part is shoulders than you’ll do some “shoulder targeting work” at the end of each full body workout.            

Not only is the frequency increased, but the sets and reps also need to be mixed up, in order to stress different muscle fibers. For example, you may do heavy lifting such as 8 sets of 4 on Monday for shoulder press (heavy day); on Wednesday you would do 3 sets of 25 with lateral raises (light day); and on Friday you would do 4 sets of 10 (medium day) with Military Press.

Other details: Vary the rest periods as well. So on the heavy sets take 2-3 minutes rest; on the light day take 30 seconds rest and on the medium day take 1-minute rest.             

Ensure you take a full week off your shoulders after the 3-weeks of target training so that they super compensate and grow.

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